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Re-imagining the office space - with Ingeus

Does an office always have to look like an office?

Or can clever design change the way people feel at work?

Ingeus thought so, which is why they hired us to create a new look for their UK base.

A global company with locations worldwide, Ingeus felt that their London office lacked personality. So it was our mission to create a space that would meet their aim of being both relaxing and stimulating.


We decided on two signage concepts – ‘Park’ and ‘Secret Library’. Our Park design, for the Ingeus staff room, used a nature theme to create a calm, relaxing space for the team to unwind…

Park concept

Our ‘Secret Library’ design, for the casual meeting area, used a book-lined study theme to inspire ideas and collaborative thinking…

Secret Library concept

As a result, we created fresher, more appealing spaces for the Ingeus team, helping them to work better, think better and collaborate better.

Curious about how design can create a more effective working environment? We can chat to you about it. Get in touch or call 01273 748 884.


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