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They needed a re-design, we answered the call.

How do you use design to make a fast-growing brand stand out from the crowd?

We recently started working with award-winning telecommunications provider, Overline. They were in need of a design re-brand, as their visuals were looking dated.

What they wanted: An overall style that was more visually stimulating, had a bigger impact on their customers and future clients, and was unique to them.

What we did: We designed a new visual brand identity for Overline’s services. We removed the generic stock photos and created a more distinctive, contemporary feel, combining bold colours with a grid design to represent technology, communications and connectedness.

What happens next: Overline’s new visual identity will now be the face of their technical and company brochures, website, emails and stationery, as well as their vans. Over the next 12 months, they’ll be rolling out this visual rebranding across the board, creating a more distinctive image for their growing business.

Does your brand need a refresh, to make it sharper, more eye-catching and ultimately drive more sales? We can help, get in touch by emailing us info@oandg.co.uk or call us on 01273 748 884

July 2014


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