It takes hard graft, imagination and
(dare we say it) a dash of brilliance to thrive as a creative marketing agency for 35 years.

And after three and a half decades, we’ve learned what works. Now we share that knowledge with businesses big and small, worldwide. We can help you to shape your brand identity, communicate better with audiences, and create eye-catching print, digital and advertising campaigns.

@OandG - 29 Oct - A lesson in responsive advertising; Waterstones turned potentially damaging news into a successful social competition
@OandG - 28 Oct - @EllyDonovanPR thanks Elly x
@OandG - 28 Oct - The growing possibility to take 3D photos could lead to many exciting and creative marketing opportunities -
@OandG - 28 Oct - @EllyDonovanPR thank you Elly x
@OandG - 23 Oct - @Jemma_Purvis Be afraid, be very afraid! :-)
@OandG - 23 Oct - Our website has had a stylish makeover, which includes the creation of an animation explaining our history & services
@OandG - 21 Oct - We’ve been supporting @OfficialBHAFC's marketing activity & recently had our picture with the 1st team...
@OandG - 17 Oct - @streamtime Thank you!
@OandG - 17 Oct - Infographic search volumes have increased by 800% in 2 years. How can you use this trend to your advantage?:
@OandG - 16 Oct - As we celebrate our 35th birthday, founder David Graimes reflects on the last 35 years & the company's values...