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Power Fuels

Driving a powerful transformation

A Case Study


Develop a new brand identity for Local Fuels that could be rolled out across all of their regional stations.


Local Fuels, a Sussex based business, had grown from owning one petrol station to owning and running an impressive 13 regional stations in the space of only a few years. The business had evolved and needed a new brand identity to reflect its stature.


The new brand needed to appeal to a broader market and further develop the business chain. Aligning the brand with their market competitors was another key consideration.

Project Detail

Name generation
Design & art direction
Project management


Following research, it was decided to change the name of the business from Local Fuels to POWER Fuels, which became the core of the brand’s redesign.

Creating a powerful brand identity

The word ‘power’ calibrates the brand entirely. It is representative of how this business has grown in such a short space of time.

The new logo pays homage to the heritage of Local Fuels’ original flame icon but in a modernised, graphic style that represents the brand’s strong future, with a bold typeface and colour palette to match. We created the revised flame icon from six triangles, which can be de-constructed and used as an extension of the brand where required.

Roll out

Once the new brand identity had been established, we designed and produced graphics for use across all of the service stations including photography and a range of brand assets.


A cohesive, clean and contemporary new brand.



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