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Solos Holidays

Change as good as a holiday

A Case Study


Unite Solos’ various product offerings under new visual identities and reposition them to become the first name people think of for independent travel.


Solos was formed in 1982, specifically to meet the needs of the single traveller. They are the first holiday company to specialise in this market and want to ensure that they are the leading experts within their sector. O&G were briefed with updating Solos’ existing brand guidelines in order to unify their product subsidiaries and ensure consistency across all brand collateral created.


Solos weren’t looking for a revolution of their existing branding but rather, an evolution. The subtlety required for this project was particularly important - essentially, the existing brand required updating and ‘tidying up’ across all collateral and products whilst remaining recognisably Solos.

For the Solos’ sub-categories, it was important that each had their own unique identity whilst remaining coherent with and instantly recognisable as a part of the larger Solos company.

Project Detail

Editorial design
Art direction
Brand guidelines

1 Logo typeface is now a combination of Museo 300 with selected Museo Slab characteristics to help create a more modern look. Upper case ‘S’ has also been added to add more gravitas.
2 Margins between the lozenge and word mark have been increased to help create a more legible logo that will reproduce better at smaller sizes.
3 Original letter ‘l’ has been retained to maintain personality but tweaked for consistency with new typeface.
4 All letters have been custom kerned with more generous spacing to create a more aesthetically pleasing and legible logotype.
5 Top margin is now double the spacing of the other margins to create more balanced proportions.


We invited Solos customers to associate with all of the exciting, adventurous and proud positives of independence.

Broader appeal

Solos customers aren’t ‘singles’ or ‘people traveling solo in a group’. Instead, through a new tagline ‘Holidays for Individuals’ the positives of independence apply equally to their traditional customer base and the broader, younger audiences they were keen to attract.

Looking the part

Following their new strategic positioning, we designed a set of refreshed logos and a brand guidelines document which would ensure consistency across all future collateral. We then applied their new visual identity across a wide range of assets including direct mail, web, email, stationery, ads and social.

Each of Solos’ subsidiary brands now have their very own colour palette which compliments the core red tones used throughout Solos’ communications, whilst clearing differentiating between the categories of holiday available with Solos.

Brand guidelines



Email marketing

Press marketing

The brand guidelines look fabulous and reflect who we are perfectly. Many thanks!”

Managing Director — Solos


With a strong brand strategy and identity aligning their business, Solos’ new brand has energised the management and marketing team, giving them a firm platform for future marketing initiatives.



An uplifting campaign

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