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Finding fresh new ways to inspire people to travel

A Case Study


Create a turn-of-year travel campaign for Kuoni that cuts through the noise — and promotes the core messages of trust, inspiration and luxury.


Trust. Inspiration. Luxury. How do you blend all three concepts into one seamless creative campaign? And how do you make your voice heard when every other holiday brand is shouting about deals and sales?

Kuoni have been creating luxury travel experiences for well over a century. Yet while they’re a brand with staying power, the pandemic had a big effect. So in late 2022, they asked O&G to create a turn-of-year travel campaign that would get post-pandemic customers excited about jetting off again. We decided to reinvigorate their successful ‘Travel On’ strapline, reimagining it for 2023. We knew that this year’s traveller was a bit more confident than last year’s, but still needed reassurance sprinkled in with their travel inspiration. Plus we wanted to emphasise the luxury element of Kuoni holidays. In essence, we needed a campaign that was strong and sophisticated enough to carry all three messages at once.


Kuoni’s million pound campaign budget was generous, yet we had to stretch it across many mediums, including digital, print and advertising. What’s more, turn-of-year campaigns are tough in general, as every holiday brand is klaxoning for attention all at once. To make sure that Kuoni didn’t get lost in all that noise, we had to create messaging that was both elegant and compelling. In other words, advertising that actually spoke to Kuoni’s sophisticated customer base, rather than yelling for their attention. But how?

Project Detail

Creative concepts
Art direction
Project Management
Media planning & booking

The solution

In January, ‘beach and palm’ travel billboards are ten-a-peso on the London underground. A poem, on the other hand, is something you might spend time reading and even thinking about. Which is why we put our bard hats on and crafted ‘Travel On’, an inspirational poem that cut through the noise of other holiday billboards.
We brought the same innovation to broadcasting, creating The Departure Lounge, a Kuoni-sponsored mini travel segment for Times Radio. This was featured regularly on the popular Fi and Jane podcast and was untrammelled ground for travel campaigns. In offering entertainment and tips to listeners, The Departure Lounge highlighted the ‘Kuoni difference’ of adding value to every experience.

Plus our ‘Win a Kuoni Holiday’ radio competition for Heart, Smooth and Classic FM got nearly 20,000 entries— and raised £38,583 for the Make Some Noise charity (reminding people that part of the Kuoni difference is about making a difference).

‘Travel On 2023’ didn’t stop there — it also featured UK-wide across video, national press, direct mail, social media, Kuoni stores, London Underground and digital and print OOH billboards. It brought home the core brand messages of trust, inspiration and luxury, plus reminded holiday makers that Kuoni is a travel provider like no other.


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