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Animation, video & photography


Does your brand actually need a video or animation?

Well, we could wax lyrical about how valuable visual storytelling is but really, the stats speak for themselves.

For instance, 88% of brands with a video agree that it was worth the money. And they get a mind-boggling 66% more leads per year. And 54% of consumers want to see more videos from brands (but that’s enough numbers for now)

As a photography and video agency in Brighton, we’re passionate about the power of visual media. We offer a full-service journey that starts with brainstorming and ends with your own private premiere (we’ll even throw in popcorn, if you like). And in between, our team of creatives w w wwill take care of everything from scripting to shooting to editing.

What’s more, we can create an arresting set of photography assets for you too. Whether it’s for a website, brochure or ad campaign, you can finally dump those stock images for good and forge your own unique identity.

A Case Study


Creating conversation starters

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A Case Study

Brighton & Hove Buses

A breath of fresh air

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A Case Study


Horticultural Heaven

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Working with the team at O&G was a pleasure. Planning and scoping was an easy, collaborative process, whilst deadlines and requirements were clearly communicated. We were really pleased with the final, delivered products. They are incredibly popular pages on our website and we continue to receive lots of positive feedback about them, both on and offline.”

Digital Team, RHS