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Brighton & Hove Buses

A breath of fresh air

A Case Study


Design the exterior and interior livery for a new fleet of ultra modern electric buses


Brighton & Hove Buses have set an industry-leading goal to operate a zero emissions fleet by 2030.
To help them achieve this they have invested almost £10 million in 30 next-generation extended range electric buses for the city’s popular route 5, which use geo-fence technology to run in zero-emissions mode throughout the city’s Ultra Low Emissions Zone.


O&G were asked to consider one overall air quality theme with different creative elements for different buses to build up a story around the new buses in relation to air quality and its importance to our thriving city and the lives of local people. The project was complex, involving many stakeholders, partners and suppliers plus highly technical specifications to consider.

Project Detail

Creative concepts
Art direction

The Solution

We developed a central theme — Live & Breathe — that delivered against several message layers:

  • Brighton & Hove Buses are part of the fabric of the city and a crucial part of the solution to pollution
  • The environmental benefits of the new electric buses
  • Celebrating Brighton by showcasing its amazing landmarks, people, diversity and vibrant spirit

The buses bring to life the essence of Brighton through 60 local images and a design that mirrors the city with its blue skies, the green of the seafront architecture and a midnight blue silhouetted skyline against a dark teal sea. Inside the bus we share vital messages about the environment and highlight the sustainable benefits of choosing to travel by bus.

Celebrating Brighton & Hove

Internal coving — Upper deck

O&G has delivered a stunning design which reflects the ultra-modern, high standard of eco-innovation of our new buses while also celebrating our amazing city and our commitment to improving air quality in Brighton & Hove”

Head of Marketing & Communications, Brighton & Hove Buses


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