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Creating conversation starters

A Case Study


Amplify the Kuoni point of difference to drive bookings at the key turn-of-year sales period.


Longstanding client Kuoni approached O&G with an incredibly exciting project — to develop a suite of campaign activity that would add depth to Travel Worth Talking About (the strapline for their TV advert) and support the crucial turn-of-year trading period. O&G were tasked with developing creative for outdoor advertising, direct mail and online video content.


In the face of a multitude of impersonal online travel operators with little difference between them, Kuoni boldly stands out with its focus on personal service. Travel Worth Talking About not only refers to the incredible holidays that Kuoni has to offer but also highlights the importance of a face-to-face conversation with a Kuoni Travel Expert to make your holiday really special.

Project Detail

Creative concepts
Art direction
Video production

Outdoor advertising and direct mail

Kuoni has an immediately recognisable design style and our outdoor creative used a variety of inspirational images to reflect both beach and discovery holidays. We created a simple but clever graphic device - a quote circle - to highlight a specific part of the picture, allowing the viewer to imagine themselves as part of the scene and conjuring up images of them talking about the holiday they had or would like to have. Copy was designed to inspire and prompt action in a brand appropriate way with lines such as “Let’s talk about things you’d like to do” and “It all starts with a conversation…”

Video content

To add another dimension to the campaign and emphasise Kuoni’s point of difference, we set out to demonstrate the power of conversation in a digital age by organising a showdown - Kuoni Travel Experts vs the internet. With voice assistants increasing in popularity we felt this would be the perfect opportunity to highlight the difference between artificial intelligence (which is brilliant with tasks & facts but struggles with opinions) and emotional intelligence which is an innately human characteristic that requires empathy & deep understanding - tricky for a machine.


Without paid media to support the film, we relied on the trade championing the film which they did in droves, helping us to 6155 views on youtube, with an average view duration 2 minutes 1 second.


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