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New site for innovative healthcare finance provider MedAccess
MedAccess are a social finance company who are motivated by purpose, not profit

MedAccess believe in a world where everyone can access the medicines and healthcare products they need to lead healthy lives. To achieve this they use innovative finance tools such as volume and procurement guarantees to secure lower prices and a sustainable supply of medical products for people in underserved communities.

They combine a brain for business with a heart for humanity, bringing commercial insight and rigour to a relentless drive for development impact.

So we were really pleased to be asked to develop a new WordPress-based site at the end of last year, helping to evolve their web presence and build on the great work undertaken by all the team at MedAccess. Alongside the WordPress content management system build, the site also features parallax scrolling, illustration and svg animation throughout, to help tell the story about their great work.

To find out more visit: