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Frontline AIDS 2020 digital impact report
We're really proud to have worked with Frontline AIDS creating their 2020 digital impact report.

The report is a dynamic and eye-catching overview of what Frontline AIDS and its partners achieved in 2020. It will complement the full 2020 report, while acting as an accessible and engaging introduction to the charity’s work.

Our aim was to create something that engaged the audience to continue to scroll and find out more, without overloading them with information and copy. The full report is available for the user to download at the bottom of the page, if they wanted to read more. We achieved this through creative design and animation, bold colour, and movement within the dynamic build.

AIDS Alliance deliver HIV prevention programmes along with tests, care and sexual education globally. They also provide leadership for the HIV sector to get behind the global movement for a People’s Vaccine for COVID-19, reminding the world of the lessons from the HIV epidemic in which lives were only saved when HIV treatment was made accessible across all countries affected by AIDS.

To view the 2020 digital image report, please click below: