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Dove Global Youth Board Report
Supporting Dove in their goal to empower young people to feel body confident

O&G has been working with Dove on their global Self-Esteem Project for over five years, so we were really pleased to be asked to support the creation of the Dove Youth Report, working with 18 youth leaders across the globe. The report is the culmination of twelve months of exploratory work by the newly launched Dove Youth Board.

By 2030, the Dove Youth Board aims to have helped 250 million young people build body confidence and learn how to improve self-esteem. Unilever and Dove are attempting to improve body positivity worldwide by identifying key cultural insights to aid education on body image issues.

“Issues with self-esteem and body confidence can have serious implications for girls’ development, so it is critical that we work to address them and help girls to become the leaders of tomorrow.”

We are proud to have been involved in Dove’s Self-Esteem Project and the creation of the youth report, which highlights a very important international issue.