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Brighton & Hove Buses

Frictionless travel

A Case Study


Create a launch campaign to drive awareness of contactless payment on Brighton & Hove Buses/Metrobus across occasional and non-bus users. Targets set for total sales through contactless payment by mid-2019.


Brighton & Hove Buses and its sister company Metrobus are continually looking to develop product and service initiatives to encourage people to use the bus rather than taking the car or taxis. In November 2018 the companies introduced contactless payments across all services as an easy way to pay for your ticket.


Research showed that our 18-35 year old target audience often decide to do things on the spur of the moment and don’t really plan ahead. We are increasingly becoming a cashless society and contactless is a real benefit in terms of convenience, streamlining the customer experience and providing confidence to use the bus when you don’t have any change.

Project Detail

Design & art direction
Media planning
Print management
Project management


Focus on how contactless fits in with the active lifestyles of our target audience, helping them to be ‘on-the-go’ around town.

Easy recognition

The design and messaging for the campaign needed to be relatively simple and immediately recognisable as an advert for Brighton & Hove Buses/Metrobus. This would make certain that the concept could be quickly and effectively understood by consumers. Simple lines like ‘Tap to pay and you’re on your way’; ‘Travel easy’ and ‘No cash? No problem’ reinforced contactless as an easy, convenient and time effective way to pay.

The wheels on the bus

The ‘credit card on wheels’ device created for this campaign was the preferred route. A striking visual, and one that marries together the functionality of contactless payments with bus transportation seamlessly. The visual was adapted to feature a smartphone to promote Apple and Android Pay functionality which are also available with contactless.

O&G is a great example of an agile agency. Moving at pace, the team produced a beautifully simple yet striking campaign alongside smart strategic communications planning. I know I can rely on them to pull out all the stops to deliver for us and provide solid advice along the way.”

Head of Marketing & Communications — Brighton & Hove Buses


A strong increase in contactless transactions within one month of going live.


Of tickets bought on the bus are now contactless within one month of campaign launch.


Of total customers are using contactless within one month of campaign launch.



Experience worth sharing

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